Selling to us

Selling to Us

WORLD TRADE maintains expert staffs who take responsibility for ensuring that we can be a reliable partner in the buying and selling of vehicles for customers in Japan and overseas.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

How to Sell to Us

01  Free apprisal
First we will provide a free estimate appraisal by telephone, fax, or internet.

02  Negotiation and sales agreement
If you are satisfied with the appraisal price, next we will ask to actually see the vehicle. We will then provide a new appraisal price. If you are satisfied, then a sales agreement will be concluded.
03  Preparation of documents
 Please prepare the necessary documents in order to sell the vehicle.
※Our representative will explain.
04  Collection of vehicle and payment
After the sales agreement has been completed, you will receive a cash payment on the spot when we collect the vehicle.